B E G I N N E R S  a n d  O P E N L E V E L ➰
There is a privileged space in Lisbon for L E A R N I N G & D A N C E Social and Argentine T A N G O that reopened in the Santos neighborhood. It is Teatro CINEARTE and its iconic Bar A BARRACA, insparable parts of a beautiful 'Art Deco' building from the 30s that was designed by the architect Cassiano Branco and later declared of public interest.
How to learn Argentine Tango from its roots without losing the freshness of today?
We usually say that there is a lot of the essence of tango that gets lost on the way when we don't stay close to its roots. In this sense, the 'surpassing lines' could only emerge on the foundations that gave meaning to the Tango dance born in 'Porteñidad'.
What is our model? Definitely the context of the milonga porteña. Where do we position ourselves? Clearly from the South.
Starting from informed research based on praxis, we want to introduce you to what we call the corporeal turn in learning.
The core of the approach we've been developing is the opposite of rhetoric, so we can't tell you much more...
If you want to try this other way of accessing Tango for everyone, if you are curious, we will be delighted to welcome you on Sunday at 19:45.
Sunday at 19:45. The teaching is provided by a professor born in Buenos Aires.
Invite your friends for a memorable experience.
->HOW to PARTICIPATE in GROUPAL CLASSES? For supplementary info, write to us to Lua Ross milongabarraca@gmail.com [Private Lessons are available]
->WHAT TIME? 7:45pm (Check in) the door open | 8pm tango class | 8:10 the door close | 9:30pm end |
->WHERE? Teatro Cinearte, Largo de Santos, 2, 1200-808 Lisbon (in front of Jardim de Santos)

M I L O N G A  d 'A   B A R R A CA


Created in July 1999. It is the oldest milonga in Portugal and one of the oldest milongas in Europe. Its mission is to disseminate the fundamentals and roots of Traditional Argentine Social Tango and the experiences of the Buenos Aires milonga in Portugal.
The milonga d'A Barraca promotes the link between the environments of the Fado houses and the milonga, through regular concerts in which important Fadistas have performed. 
A set of memorable experiences since its creation that have known how to value the cultural roots of both countries without ever losing their commitment to the public distinguishes the quality of the Milonga d'A Barraca. 
The Pista, the Bar and the Sala are already prepared to continue along the Tanguero path that Milonga d'A Barraca started at the end of the last century...
Looking forward to meet you again and continue to have your preference.

WHEN? Every Sundays
WHAT TIME? 9:30 pm the doors open | 00:45 am 
WHERE? Santos Neighborhood. Teatro Cinearte. Largo de Santos, 2, 1200-808 Lisbon. (in front of Jardim de Santos)